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Senior citizens on the roads


Is there any truth in the popular image of dangerous older drivers? This and other questions were discussed by well known scientists and practitioners at a symposium in April 2013 organized by the UDV together with the Deutsche Seniorenliga (German Senior Citizens‘ League). The evidence clearly shows that, given their share of the population, senior citizens do experience problems as drivers. In terms of absolute fi gures, this will become a challenge once one in
three people in Germany is over 65 years old. These problems are caused by the serious health and cognitive problems
suffered by older people.

About half of all cyclists and pedestrians killed on the roads are already over 65 years old. And as the number of people in this age group increases, an increase in the number of accident victims can be expected. In the coming years, cities will be faced with a big challenge: namely, to ensure that the road infrastructure allows older people to remain mobile as safely as possible. Since the symposium made it very clear that the roads of our cities have to be better adapted to the needs of the older generation, the UDV and Deutsche Seniorenliga decided to ask those affected where they see a need for action and to invite suggestions for improvement. Although the competition only ran for a short time, 68 ideas were submitted, and the website had 5,000 visits.