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Bicycle / Pedelec

Cyclists generally move faster than pedestrians but, like pedestrians, they do not benefit from the "crumple zone" that drivers have. Moreover, unlike riders of two-wheel motor vehicles they do not wear suitable protective clothing. In addition, they often break the rules of the road. These are all reasons why the UDV should take an intense interest in this group of road users. It is extremely important to provide safe facilities for cyclists in traffic in built-up areas both on the open road and, in particular, at signal-controlled intersections and junctions. However, inconsiderate behavior on the roads and violations of the rules of the road by both drivers and cyclists repeatedly result in serious accidents. Cyclists often ignore red lights and ride on the wrong side of the road or under the influence of alcohol. Drivers turn off at intersections without considering cyclists, fail to give way when cyclists have priority and drive too fast.