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Broschüren / Flyer

Occurence of Cervical Spine Injuries in Car Crashes

  • Stand: 01/01/1999 AutorIn: K. Langwieder, W. Hell, F. Walz
  • Passive Safety for Motorcyclits - from the Legprotector to the Airbag

  • Stand: 01/01/1990 AutorIn: A. Sporner, K. Langwieder, J. Polauke
  • Passive Safety Measures for Trucks - Effectiveness and Priorities - 8901

  • Stand: 01/01/1989 AutorIn: M. Danner, K. Langwieder, H. Appel, V. Middelhauve
  • Patterns of Multi-Traumatisation in Pedestrian Accidents in Relation to Injury Combinations and Car Shape

  • Stand: 01/01/1980 AutorIn: K. Langwieder, M. Danner, W. Wachter, Th. Hummel
  • Pre-dominant Collision Types in Real Accidents and Comparison to International Safety Standards and Euro NCAP - 9914a

  • Stand: 01/01/1999 AutorIn: K. Langwieder
  • Promoting Safety Using Retrospective Large Databases

  • Stand: 01/01/1997 AutorIn: K. Langwieder, H. Bäumler, Th. Hummel, B. Fides
  • The Commercial Vehicle in the Current Accident Scene and Potentials for Additional Enhancement of Active and Passive S...

  • Stand: 01/01/2000 AutorIn: K. Langwieder, J. Gwehenberger, J. Bende
  • The Effect of Airbags on Injuries and Accident Costs

  • Stand: 01/01/1998 AutorIn: K. Langwieder, Th. Hummel, D. Anselm