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Safety of car passengers

Around half of all those killed and injured on the roads are car occupants, while users of two-wheel motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists each account for 10 to 20 percent. In view of that, one focus of the work of the UDV is therefore the analysis of car accidents and identification of measures that can be taken to prevent accidents (see the chapter on driver... Mehr lesen.

Car driver assistance systems

Modern vehicles increasingly have driver assistance systems. Some of these systems have already demonstrated the contribution they make to improving safety. This applies, in particular, to brake assist systems and ESC systems. However, a number of different aspects have to be taken into account when designing driver assistance systems in order to exploit their full... Mehr lesen.

Car technology

There is a great deal of technology built into modern cars. Although it is always there, it is often not visible. As with any technical system, there can be both benefits and risks. The chapter on technology in cars describes modern systems or features designed to protect pedestrians and cyclists. High-voltage vehicles, vehicle fires and daytime running lights are also... Mehr lesen.

Commercial Vehicles

Accidents involving commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, vans and tractors) often have serious or very serious consequences for the other, generally more vulnerable, party involved. However, the drivers of commercial vehicles and occupants of buses can also suffer serious injuries. It is therefore important that the safety of both these vehicle’s occupants and other... Mehr lesen.

Motorized Two-Wheelers

The risk of being killed on the roads is four to six times higher for users of two-wheel motor vehicles (motorcycles and mopeds) than for car drivers. Consequently, the UDV has examined accidents involving two-wheel motor vehicles in a number of research projects and proposed measures that would improve the safety of this vehicle category.

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Other Vehicles

In addition to carrying out research into cars, commercial vehicles and two-wheel motor vehicles, the UDV has also turned its attention to other types of vehicles in recent years, including quad bikes, light quadricycles, electric bikes (pedelecs) and Segways. It is not possible to say how widespread these types of vehicles will become in future and thus make statements... Mehr lesen.